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February 18, 2023

    My name is Jason C. Johnston and I am running for District 3 Alderman to go above and beyond in truly representing the interests of my neighbors here at home in Manitowoc, WI.

    My main focus and motivation for running is to raise awareness and community interaction at City Hall while maintaining a focus on responsible spending. The current gap between the implementation of policy and public awareness and notification of that policy (BEFORE it becomes policy) can be addressed much more inclusively. 

        Together, We can bridge that gap. 

     Let’s be honest: Even as we try to follow the happenings at City Hall and may even like to occasionally attend committee/council meetings that interest us, it can be difficult to allocate time away from our busy work/home schedules. Finding that ambition and time can be made all the more challenging when the meeting agendas are not released in a timely manner prior to these meetings. The People need to know what is going to be discussed and having these online meeting agendas first available to the public the night before is simply not good enough. It takes time to wade through all of this information and if we manage to find an item that catches our attention, we then have to change schedules around on short notice in order to attend and voice our concerns. 

     As a father, multiple business owner, community volunteer, musician, writer and touring professional EVERYTHING is on a schedule. Without efficient time management it is nearly impossible to stay on top of everything. So when a meeting agenda is first made available online to the public the evening before the council meeting...this creates a needlessly exclusive environment, as often times many of us already have a schedule that cannot be changed on such short notice. This translates to less community awareness and interaction with the people that represent us. Policy and the representatives honorably charged to represent the will and concern of the People are directly responsible for the quality of life here at home and we can do a much better job including more of the community in that decisive process.

                     We can do better.

     If you vote for me on February 21st in the Primary Election and I am on the ballot in April I will begin my efforts right here and now to address this heightened focus on community inclusivity. 

     I will be continuously developing my network and the interactivity and user-friendliness of this website to include real-time updates on committee meetings and other community concerns as they relate to the agenda for the UPCOMING monthly City Council Meetings...not the meetings that already happened, where policy has already been decided and the opportunity for community discussion already closed. 

     I will also be putting together a simple and condensed monthly newsletter/summary, in hard copy, of the pertinent issues to date that will be coming up at the next City Council meetings as the various committees and organizations conclude their own meetings for that month. This summarization process demands that I will have read through a ton of material every month, guaranteeing a level of comprehension and informed discussion/voting truly befitting the aldermanic position; I will not be a rubber-stamping representative. That I can promise.

    This newsletter will be in 2-300 mailboxes on that monthly timeline, rotating through the entire district within approximately one year. All you have to do to remain on that mailing list is respond with the contact information provided on the newsletter, whether by phone or email, and you will continue to receive these updates. 

     Please, please feel free to ask me anything! How else can a representative represent without focusing on the conversations with the People being represented? “Representative” is the job description and I look forward to the conversations that will enable me to excel at this honorable position. 

     This will cost money to print and distribute the newsletter and maintain a website, but...the Alderman pay is taxpayer money to begin with. If I can help to increase community involvement at City Hall by largely donating my pay for this position, even if only a handful of people get more involved as a result, that is still a huge win and I am happy to put that taxpayer money EXACTLY where it should be: In a position to benefit the taxpayer and increase community involvement.


     Thank you so much for your time and the opportunity to truly represent this community in District 3!

     Please vote in the primaries on 2/21/23 at City Hall and let’s go to work!

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Jason C. Johnston

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